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At every decision point throughout your asset's life cycle, accurate, relevant information is essential. In the project phase it minimises the risks of budgets or schedule overrun and in operations, it minimises risks to safety and production. 

Underpinned by our Digital Asset approach, AVEVA is redefining how organisations should access and retrieve the information they need in order to improve the speed and reliability of their decision making across the project and asset life cycle. We call this project The Future of Decision Support™.

The project looks at how applications within the AVEVA's portfolio can enable customers to exploit their Digital Asset information to greater benefit. It has already resulted in the innovative Design in Context™ capability in our design and engineering tools, and we are delighted to announce the release of our Ultra High Definition, touch-driven, whole-model decision support system: AVEVA Engage™.

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AVEVA Engage - Power with simplicity: your Digital Asset, realised NOW 

AVEVA Engage™, which is commercial available now, removes barriers to collaborative decision making, enabling you to intuitively understand your project and asset data in ways never previously thought possible. It extends the benefits of 3D visualisation and Information Management to decision makers at all levels, in all disciplines. By placing the entire Digital Asset at your disposal, in striking Ultra High Definition (UHD) detail, finding everything you need is simplified through the power of touch.

To find out how AVEVA Engage puts directly relevant information from your Digital Asset into the hands of those who need it for efficient project execution, sound capital stewardship, and operational excellence watch this on-demand webinar recording or request a demo through your account manager.

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A Touch of Genius – AVEVA Engage

AVEVA Engage™ provides a spectacular new way to exploit your Digital Asset information to improve collaboration and decision making across your organisation.  It combines the power of instant access with an impressively simple and entirely intuitive touch-driven interface, all visualized and navigable in a striking Ultra-High Definition (UHD) whole model view.

Visually breath-taking and amazingly insightful (especially when combined with the huge UHD touch-screen devices available today) AVEVA Engage is a fantastic examples of blending extraordinary powerful technology with a simplicity that makes it accessible to all.

This new decision support system benefits from AVEVA’s unique contextual linking and filtering of information to put directly relevant information from your Digital Asset into the hands of those who need if for efficient project execution, sound capital stewardship, and operational excellence

AVEVA Engage is your Digital Asset realised.

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Latest News

1st March 2016

AVEVA Engage redefines Engineering Support

Industry innovator's 'crowd-pulling' decision support system now commercially available after successful pilot programme.

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Latest News

10th May

See AVEVA Engage in Action

At the DSA 2016 tri-service defence exhibition currently held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Navy Recognition had the chance to get the latest update on the Gowind frigate Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) as part of the Second Generation Patrol Vessel (SGPV) program. Watch a short video that shows AVEVA Engage in action on this project. Article and video courtesy of www.navyrecognition.com

Latest News

21st April 2016

AVEVA Engage transforms collaborative decision-making with Microsoft technology

AVEVA has announced that AVEVA Engage™ is supported on Microsoft Surface Hub™

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AVEVA Engage

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The Future of Decision Support