Our Journey

Future of Decision Support

AVEVA is committed to extending the ways in which its customers can access and interact with their Digital Assets, the information core of every project or operating asset. The goal is to ensure our customers have fast access to information that is contextually relevant to their task in hand. This will allow them to make better quality decisions throughout the life cycle, which ultimately leads to increased project profitability, better quality assets and increased return on investment. 

The Future of Decision Support is a project at AVEVA that is focusing on ways to allow customers to tap into and exploit their Digital Asset information in ways that enhance rather than disrupt their existing working practices. 

This project has already identified three key areas on which AVEVA is focusing:

1.) Enhancing our Information Management Solutions portfolio to provide faster, simpler access to contextually relevant information through a broader range of devices.

2.) Embedding Information Management capabilities into other applications in our portfolio to provide instant access to contextually-relevant information in the user's discipline-specific tools.  

3.) Creating entirely new solutions for disciplines across the life cycle that exploit the Digital Asset information intuitively and quickly. 

Within the Products & Solutions section, you will find details of how AVEVA is already delivering against these areas within our portfolio. 

The Future of Decision Support