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Webinar: Unlock the Power of Your Digital Asset with AVEVA’s Design in Context™ Capability

15 September 2015

"Unlock the Power of Your Digital Asset with AVEVA’s Design in Context™ Capability"

Presenters: David Thomson, Immersive Training and Simulation Practice Manager and Jeremy Jones, Head of Campaign Management 


Watch the webinar to find out how AVEVA continues to help customers to Unlock the Power of The Digital Asset through a new capability called ‘Design in Context’. Built into the latest releases of AVEVA Everything3D™, AVEVA Diagrams™ and AVEVA Engineering™, Design in Context enhances the design process by intelligently serving up relevant content from the customer’s Digital Asset to its design teams, within their design applications. This new capability improves the speed and reliability of their design decisions by presenting the specific, relevant content from the Digital Asset that the designer needs, exactly when and where it is needed.

During this webinar, we showed how Design in Context significantly optimises the design process by removing the need for design teams to waste time searching multiple internal systems, or trawling through third-party and vendor documentation. We also explained how our commitment to our Digital Asset approach is likely to see the Context capability incorporated into other areas of our portfolio.  

Watch Webinar (30 mins)

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