AVEVA Engage™

Power with simplicity; your Digital Asset, realised. 

AVEVA-EngageDesigned from its inception for touch on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 AVEVA Engage combines whole model visualisation with access to a customer's Digital Asset repository. It is intended to support the widest possible range of activities where immediate access to the Digital Asset is valuable. 

AVEVA Engage accesses unified data from all connected sources and instantly presents just the information you need. Information that is contextually relevant both to the tagged object you have selected and the task at hand. 

Accessing everything you need is made easy through the power of touch. If you have used a touch-screen device of any kind, you are already well on the road to engaging with your Digital Asset. Immediately open and view schematics, equipment drawings, single-line diagrams, instrument loops, layout plans; whatever you need for rapid, effective and reliable decision making. 

Users can collaboratively review the context of a decision and reach a common understanding of a problem by accessing information in ways never previously possible. For example, the capability to simply section and "see inside" the internals of the model without losing the context of information stored against the element is a totally new and unique experience.

AVEVA Engage™ provides instant access to asset information improving the speed, accuracy and reliability of your decision making throughout the asset life cycle

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Design in Context™

Design in Context

Up to 60% of the Digital Asset’s project information is created and managed outside the design tools: specifications, project/corporate engineering standards, civils and structural drawings to site photos, vendor documents, equipment lists, and datasheets. Design in Context, AVEVA Everything3D™, AVEVA Diagrams™ and AVEVA Engineering™ to provide viewing access to this information precisely where the designers need it: in the design tools themselves.

By connecting the design tools directly to your AVEVA Information Management solution, users can access and view Digital Asset content of any type without leaving their design environment.  This increases the individual’s productivity and quality of decision making, and allows them to focus higher value design work. 

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The right information, when and where you need it 

According to industry analysts ARC Advisory Group ‘one of the single most significant issues associated with projects is the lack of accurate, complete, and timely information’ which, they note, can add substantial risk to the project in terms of cost, time and safety. AVEVA NET Workhub and Dashboard provides users across your organisation with fast, web-based access to your Digital Asset information.

AVEVA NET allows them to visualise, validate, link and collaborate on all types of data and documents – securely, in a highly automated way, and without any need for the original authoring applications in which the data was created.  Flexible enough to accommodate data from all disciplines and validate it against corporate or project information standards, AVEVA NET forms basis for all AVEVA’s information management solutions across the life cycle.

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